Bonus Marketing Productions unveils a new website and social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn to offer a more direct and personalised service to our clients.

The new website, which makes a qualitative leap in terms of content and being more user friendly and browsable, aims to give our users access to a wide range of premiums, promotional articles and children’s collectable items for the food, wholesale and retail industries, which we manufacture and develop at Bonus MP. A series of products, many of which have been leaders in sales, that have had a big impact and great success with the public.

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On the new website, Bonus MP clients can also find out about the services offered: development, licensing, homologation, production and digital solutions, a comprehensive 360º service that has positioned Bonus MP as a leading company in the sector over the years, thanks to the quality and efficiency of our work.

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At the same time, the new website also allows the public to get to know the team that helps makes all this possible and which works hand in hand with our clients to obtain the best results. It also provides information on our successful campaigns and our plants in Toledo and Hong Kong so you can prepare a complete promotional marketing campaign. (link everything).

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We want you to be up-to-date with all Bonus MP news, to know about our most successful campaigns and so you don’t miss any of our launches of promotional articles. For this reason, we have also created Facebook, LinkedInYouTube and Instagram accounts to inform you of everything you need to know about the sector and Bonus MP in a direct, fun and approachable way.