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Bonus y Up2you suman esfuerzos

We renew our European contract with Hasbro!

Prepare your next Easter campaign

Viaje a china

Trip to China

In October, the team visited trade fairs in Hong Kong and Guangzhou alongside our Hong Kong-based team.

We visited all of our partners, some of whom we have had a relationship with for more than 18 years. A long-term commitment to partners is crucial to ensuring everything runs smoothly!


BONUS will be at the Brand Licensing Europe show between 1 and 3 October in London, which brings together the major players in the licenses market, as well as manufacturers and marketing campaign and promotion agencies.

As the leading company in the licensed promotions sector, it is very important for us to take part in this international show where we will present the latest trends in sustainable and ecological products, and share the most successful articles of the last few months with our clients.

You will find us on stand E242. Come and see us and we will tell you all about the latest news.

Monopoly de McDonalds

McDonald’s Monopoly has just been launched in a novel campaign

Bonus has developed and produced the board game par excellence for the largest restaurant chain in the world, which has placed its trust in our services for this novel promotional campaign. You will find the game at the more than 1,500 points of sale that the chain has around the Iberian Peninsula. We’re sure you’re going to love it!

Monopoly de McDonalds

And Snapchat has also included a McDonald’s Monopoly filter in its digital app to extend the scope of the campaign and allow it to reach millions of users.

planta de produccion toledo equipo

We expand our team at the production plant in Toledo

Bonus expands their team in the Toledo production plant during the summer period in order to fulfil all of our projects.

This way our facilities in Toledo will maintain production in 3 shifts and will not close for holidays in August.

Please contact our team for more information. 


Bonus, the manufacturer of Click Clack Balls, has designed and coordinated a powerful promotional campaign with the YouTubers and influencers Jordi Wild & The Crazy Haacks that has turned this product into the new summer phenomenon that can now be found at all newsagents in Spain.


There are 8 models of Click Clack Balls to collect and they form part of an elaborate campaign planned around a 360º promotional strategy involving influencers to help turn the Bonus product viral on social media and reach all potential young consumers.

Click Clack Balls web

This impact strategy involved having nationally renowned YouTubers include tricks and contests, using the new Click Clack Balls, in their videos and post them on their social media profiles during June and July.

Firstly, the YouTubers The Crazy Haacks, who have 3.3 million subscribers, most of whom are between the ages of 6 and 13 (the campaign’s potential target), participated in the campaign. The stars of this channel are 3 siblings: Mateo, Hugo and Daniela, who also have hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram:

The first promotional video was posted on their YouTube channel on 15 June and was played in excess of 650,000 times within a few days.

But that’s not all: they are also going to post more than one trick that can be done with Click Clack Balls on their Instagram profile this month.

One example is this video that they uploaded to stories on their Instagram channel, where you can see Mateo performing a trick

In addition, in order to reach an adolescent audience, a complementary action was run parallel to the strategy involving the YouTuber Jordi Wild – El Rincón De Giorgio, whose channel has 8.7 million subscribers, 60% of whom are between 14 and 18 years of age.

On Saturday 29 June, Jordi Wild posted the first video on his channel mentioning Bonus as the product manufacturer, showing tricks that can be done with the balls and proposing a contest for his followers, involving sending fun videos of playing with Click Clack Balls!

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This is how Bonus is not only manufacturing a successful new product but is also coordinating and launching innovative global marketing campaigns on social media, collaborating with influencers, to provide a 360º service to its customers in order to reach hundreds of thousands 2.0 consumers and guarantee the success of the product.

If you would like further information or to find out more about Bonus, please contact our team via our website.


Is it a car? Is it a wild animal? They are WILD CARS by BONUS and are TRANSFORMABLE CARS!

Put the card on the car and a scary wild animal appears.

There are 20 to collect and are super fun!

Contact Bonus for more information.