Tattoos have always been the favourite and most successful premiums among children.

Bonus are specialists in the production of tattoos with different effects: luminescent, sparkly, scented and even ones that contain citronella to protect the little ones from mosquitos!

2018 also saw the launch of the first-ever tattoos containing citronella oil, which were a big hit in sales.

This was all thanks to our factory—certified for the production of cosmetics—and to having pharmaceutical experts on the staff to manage cosmetics monitoring (CPNP) and ensure that production takes place in accordance with European harmonised standard Regulation (EC-1223/2009) on cosmetic products.

Including tattoos in your campaigns definitely adds promotional value. Call us and we’ll explain how.

o Full-colour tattoos
o Glitter tattoos
o Glow-in-the-dark tattoos
o Scented tattoos
o Metallic tattoos
o Mosquito-repellent tattoos*
o Roll tattoos